The Value of Water in the U.S.

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Value of Water in the US

Voters Looking to Government to Improve Water Infrastructure

A nationwide poll released in November 2010 showcased the importance Americans place on fixing the nation’s rapidly deteriorating water infrastructure.

Xylem’s Value of Water Survey of more than 1,000 American voters and 500 businesses found that providing water is overwhelmingly considered the most valuable government service, with 95 percent of voters in agreement on its importance. American businesses ranked water as second in importance only to electricity.

According to the survey, Americans’ recognition of the importance of our water systems is translating into a strong call to action. Eighty-five percent of voters and 83 percent of businesses agreed that local, state and federal governments should be investing more to improve the nation’s water infrastructure.

Survey participants even said they are willing to pay an average of $6.20 more for water each month to help improve the country’s water infrastructure. If this were the case, the U.S. government could invest $5.4 billion each year – four times more than current federal funding level for drinking water systems – to fix broken and leaky pipes across the nation.

The survey demonstrates the urgency of investing in water infrastructure improvements and shows there is an appetite for consumers, businesses and government to work together to repair the system.

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